What is GRP?
Want to know more about GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic. Find out exactly what GRP is and how this versatile material can be used for business and industry including its uses in the Physical Security, Nucleur, Telecoms & many many other industries.

Properties of GRP
What are the Properties of GRP that make it cheap, strong and robust. Find out from THE experts in GRP design, manufacture and installation. Find our how Kingsley design their products to utilise its unique properties of combining Light Weight, Strength, Durability & Cost Competitiveness.

Gas Meter Boxes and GRP Enclosures
Learn as to why GRP makes the perfect material for the production of a wide range of Gas Meter Boxes and GRP Roadside Enclosures. From its strength and durability to its lightweight and low maintenance features.

GRP Cabinets and Industrial Housings
GRP is the perfect material to provide Robust low maintenance industrial enclosures and cabinets. Wide range of features and options to suit your needs which include explosion relief roofs, insulation, fire proof to 1 & 2 hours, a patented ‘self healing’ ballistic proof walling system and much much more, simply follow the above link.

Weatherproof GRP Kiosks, Housings & Enclosures
Looking for industry standard kiosks, housing or enclosures that can withstand not only the UK’s but also the World’s demanding extremes of weather? KPL are experts in weatherproof GRP products be it UV resistant enclosures, storm proof wind farm enclosures & many more examples.

Welfare Units – What to consider
UK Employers must provide ‘suitable and sufficient’ welfare facilities for the well-being of their employees while at work. To this end Kingsley manufacture, supply & install a wide range of welfare units for factories, camp sites, mobile home sites & other both temporary & fixed systems. Units can be supplied with a fully fitted kitchen, toilets, shower rooms or simply classrooms or working areas, the choice is endless.

Robust Gas Meter Boxes
Kingsley Plastics manufacture & supply the UK’s Gas Transportation business with more gas cabinets than any other company. Kingsley Gas Cabinets are super tough and made from a fire retardant resin & designed to be 99% maintenance free over its expected 30 year lifespan. Buy online with 2 day deliveries. Find out more.

Mobility Scooter Garages
Due to the increased usage of mobility scooters and alike, new laws have been implemented to stop the storage of expensive scooters being stored within the home, due to the risk of fire from their batteries etc.
To this end Kingsley have designed & installed a large number of external scooter storage facilities whereby  communities can store up to 12 scooter within one GRP garage.

Units can be supplied with all electrical charging points, security doors, solar panel lighting/charging & external finished that include GRP brick, stone & pebble-dash.