The advantages of using GRP over other materials include:

Design Freedom

The practical uses of GRP are almost endless and gives designers much more creative freedom.

GRP’s unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, moulded and manufactured to meet almost any specifications. Plus, with GRP, there are few limits on size, shape, colour or finish.

Low manufacturing costs allow the design to be given more priority.

Versatile and Affordable

The lightweight strength of GRP makes it a popular choice for manufacturing.

GRP reduces the products weight and requires less maintenance making it highly attractive over more traditional materials like timber, metal or brick.

GRP is an affordable solution as it is cheap to design, manufacture and install. In

Strong and Durable

GRP has a high strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength, this means it is a lightweight material that is also super strong.

Pound for pound GRP can be stronger than steel!

GRP also has high resistance to:

  • ultraviolet light
  • extreme temperatures
  • salt air
  • chemicals including most acids

Products made from GRP require very little maintenance – no rust, no painting, no wood rot.

GRP is also non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to other construction materials like stainless steel.

In harsh environments, GRP is a better choice over metal, wood, or plastic.


GRP products can be produced in many finishes, textures and colours including brick and stone effect.

Also, GRP products have sleek edges and a modern moulded look.


GRP is non-conductive, RF transparent, and helps to insulate against electromagnetic fields, making GRP the obvious choice for electrical and electronic equipment storage like electrical enclosures and cabinets.

Acoustic Properties

GRP provides better soundproofing when compared to plastic or metal. Various type of sound deadening materials can be added between the layers of GRP to increase soundproofing.

This makes GRP ideal for use in housings or buildings when you need to reduce noise.

GRP parts hold their shapes even under mechanical and environmental stresses.


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