Mobility scooters enable people with mobility issues to exercise more independence and choice about their daily routines, just as a car does to the driving population. Also just like a car, mobility scooters can benefit greatly from dedicated storage or garage solutions like the ones designed and installed by Kingsley Plastics.

Why should you opt for a mobility scooter garage, rather than a cheaper option?

The short answer is that actually, in the long run, a dedicated garage or storage unit prolongs the scooters life helping you to keep it in good condition so often works out much cheaper. Capes, canopies, and covers do give some protection from the wind and rain but offer almost nothing against thievery and vandalism. At the other end of the spectrum, a solid concrete structure, irrespective of the supplier, will only realistically last ten to fifteen years before it needs replacing.

Kingsley Plastics mobility scooter garages are produced from heavy duty GRP – known more commonly to laymen and women as ‘fiberglass’ – have an expected lifespan of over 35 years. They can be supplied in any colour within the BS 4800 spectrum, or with a simulated brick and stone finish, keeping it discreet and unassuming within a localised area.

Mobility scooter garage

Versatile, Secure and Safe Design

As well as protecting individual mobility scooter owners from the trauma of losing their independence and own transport, Kingsley Plastics mobility scooter garages can be easily adapted, and store either one, two or any number up to twenty scooters at one time.

Each storage unit or garage is supplied with a fully certified and safety-tested internal socket, meaning that scooters can be charged inside without a complex and dangerous system of loose leads and extension cables.

As an additional free feature, all garages are fitted with an internal switch light and an external PIR security light. This enables the inside light to be switched on as a scooter or wheelchair approaches the garage door, and reduces the risk of accidents occurring in poor light.

Each garage is fitted with an automatic roller front door and a lockable single person entry door, with a security window. This enables easy and swift access for every mobility scooter or wheelchair.

One of the best features is that these mobility scooter garages are also simple to move and relocate so you can take them with you if you move!

Garages for mobility scooters

Delivery and Installation

The mobility scooter garages are either delivered as a flat-pack assembly or fully assembled on one of our very own hi-ab equipped lorries, whichever is most convenient for you. Complete maintenance and aftercare are included as standard into the price.

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