Longterm Contract Award: National Grid

Date: 07/10/2020

Kingsley are pleased to announce the latest award of a longterm design, manufacture & deliver contract for its wide range of GRP Housings by the National Grid.

The contract, covering the next 3 years with further extensions for up to 5 years,  is another example of Kingsley’s reputation of cost control, quality and the ability to work with the largest of companies in every field of UK’s national infrastructure. Due to its continue supply of GRP Housings & Enclosures to the UK’s national infrastructure, Kingsley are classed as a ‘key supplier’ during current Covid 19 outbreak with the company & its staff continuing to work throughout the crisis ensuring the UK’s Electrical, Gas, Water, Sewage & many more critical industries continue to perform month after month.

Gary Mason, Kingsley’s general manager confirmed ‘this latest contract is in addition to Scotia Gas Networks, Northern Gas Networks, Wales & West Gas Networks within the UK’s gas pipeline & storage systems delivering gas to more than 25 million homes in the UK every single day. For such large blue chip companies to place longterm contracts with us shows the dedication all of us have to protect the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure and its customers.

All connections are carried out by Cadent Gas of whom manage a network of over 88,000 miles of pipes and deliver gas to 11 million customers across the UK.

Gas Cabinet 4 (GC4)GRP Enclosure

Gas Meter Cabinets                               ‘Walk-in’ GRP Housings