Fortress GRP

Date: 14/01/2015

Security & Anti-Terror Exhibitions

Fortress GRP, Kingsley Plastics sister company, is pleased to announce it full approval as the world’s very first GRP Housing company to be approved to supply independently certified LPCB Security Rated, Blast & Ballistic proof enclosures & housings.

Additionally, Fortress GRP & Kingsley Plastics have both been exhibiting their impressive range of GRP Products at a number of recent Security exhibitions including IFSEC in the Middle East, Security & Policing a home office invited exhibition in Farnborough and the annual Counter Terror Exhibition in London.

The stands at each of the three recent shows were extremely busy with both homeland and International visitors alike.

Kingsley’s Group Chairman commented

‘Shows such as the Security & Policing, which in turn is a home office invite only event, enables our broad range of customers, both new and old to see first-hand the advances we are making in the field of LPCB Security, Blast & Ballistic products.

No other company in the world can offer Security Rated Blast & Ballistic GRP Housings & Enclosures which, once again, puts both Kingsley Plastics & Fortress GRP at the forefront of GRP manufacturing’.

Please visit for more information on the range of Blast & Ballistic products Fortress GRP are certified to offer.

Click here to view Fortress GRP Successful Blast Testing video: