Corporate Social Responsibility Update

Date: 17/06/2020

One of Kingsley’s most important functions is its social responsibilities and employee welfare including providing job stability to our local community. Today over 90% of Kingsley’s employee’s live within the local community along with, as far as possible, local suppliers of raw materials & their products.

To date no employee of Kingsley has tested positive for Covid 19 largely due to the company’s early adaptation of social distancing wherever possible, and the implementation of strict visiting/delivery schedules to secure our employee’s as much as possible during the working day. Additionally we have actively encouraged any of our employee’s of whom’s family members may be more susceptible to the disease to self isolate themselves & their family, whilst also receiving their full pay from the company whilst not working.

Furthermore Kingsley has actively investing and donated large sums of money to the local community & parish Councils in order to offer additional help to our dedicated key workers, emergency services & their families and ensuring additional monetary help is always available to those in the greatest need of help.

Kingsley remains committed to growing its business, the employment of local workers whilst actively participating in the social-economic development of our community.