Every day, over 80 million household and non-household consumers in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland receive good quality water, sanitation and drainage services. These services are provided by 32 privately-owned companies in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, and Kingsley are approved by all to supply our products with many long term framework agreements having been signed.

Kingsley Plastics Ltd are industry innovators & were the first company in the world to be fully certified & approved to manufacture & supply GRP Housings & Enclosures to LPCB 1175 SR2, SR3 & SR4 levels of protection, and as a result are the industry’s first choice of supplier.

With thousands of installations spanning the whole of the UK, Kingsley are approved for the design, manufacture & installation of a wide range of GRP Housings, Enclosures & Odour Control GRP Covers. Such enclosures are commonly used for the storage & protection of water pumps, electrical control equipment and water treatment plant to name but a few.

We hold current approval/framework agreements for both Odour Control GRP Covers and GRP Housings & Enclosures to all of the UK’s Water Industry and our products include:

  • LPCB 1175 SR2, SR3 & SR4 Security Rated GRP Housings
  • Standalone LPCB GRP Single & Double Door Sets
  • Odour Control GRP Covers & Hatches
  • GRP Pump Housings & Data Rooms
  • Simulated Brick & Stone GRP Housings
  • Design, Manufacture, Delivery & Install Packages