With over 90% of the world’s population now possessing at least 1 No. mobile phone, the protection of the Telecom & Data Networks has become critical to every day usage. Due the huge increase of use of mobile phones & other portables, connecting the world has now become an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day life.

Europe’s telecommunication sector is among the most advanced in the world today and with it, comes a supporting infrastructure to suit. Kingsley’s housings & enclosures are used to not only protect their contents from climatic weather & intrusion alike, but also offer insulation values not afforded to conventional steel housings.

Units can be supplied complete with a wide range of electrical & HVAC components installed including full electrical packages complete with heating, lighting & air conditioning plus, if requested, the full installation in a controlled environment of the telecom apparatus itself.

Previous installations include the highlands of Scotland, England, Wales & Europe ensures Kingsley has become one of the recognised names for quality infrastructure modular buildings at a price one can afford.

As the ever-changing face of telecommunications change, the need for off-site factory built ready assembled components come into their own. At Kingsley we offer not only the quality expected from such a well know & respected name in the industry, but also GRP Housings, Modular Buildings & GRP Enclosures at prices unmatched by most.

For your total piece of mind, there is no better name in the GRP Modular Housing industry than Kingsley Group Limited.