The Oil & Gas industry throughout the world is predominantly based in remote locations on-shore or indeed, in the further hostile location of offshore.

Kingsley Plastics Ltd have manufactured & supplied Europe’s Oil & Gas industry with GRP Housings & Meter Cabinets for well over 40 years. In the UK alone there is in excess of 320,000 kilometers of gas pipework alone, all of which feed into GRP Gas Governor Stations reducing the pressure from the gas mains. This reduction in pressure allowes for our houses, factories & power stations to continue to operate.

Kingsley Plastics Ltd are the only company in the world fully certified & approved to manufacture & supply LPCB SR2, 3 & 4 levels of security to explosion relief GRP Housings & Enclosures and are the industry’s first choice of supplier.

Key Products include:

  • Gas Governor Buildings
  • Industrial Gas Meter Cabinets
  • Explosion Relief Roofs & Housings
  • Simulated Brick & Stone Buildings
  • LPCB Security Rated Buildings
  • Full design & install packages