Wind Farm Projects: UK & Ireland

Date: August 2018
Industry: Renewable Energy
Value: £3m

Kingsley have, for many years been very active in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of GRP substation enclosures for use upon the Europes Wind Farm projects.

Due to our robust design and choice use of core materials, we are able to supply our customers with purpose built grp housings, encompassing individual specifications including a fixed and pre-determined installed price.

More recently Kingsley have been awarded the contract to design and supply in excess of 70 GRP Housings to enclose on-site equipment including electrical transformers, switchgear, motor control centres and on-site staffing quarters.

Each of the 70+ Turbines had its own GRP Substation designed, manufactured & installed in the Scottish Highlands by Kingsley Plastics.

Kingsley, (above our competitors) were awarded this prestigious contract in reflection of our design expertise in heavy duty housings and the ability to ensure the design and installation can cope with the most hostile winds conditions experienced within the Scottish Highlands.

All of Kingsley GRP products are manufactured in accordance with our ISO 9001 approval and with the very latest in design of core materials. All materials are sought through first establishing their stamp upon the environment by where we can offer the complete environmental package fully encompassing the design,  their manufacture, delivery and finally their installation using only our in-house trained personal.

Our experience with many other similar projects meant that no other company was able to match us. In addition the quality of our GRP products for substations, having true life costs with the next 30 years of use even in the most hostile of conditions possible gave the customer extra peace of mind.

Wind farm kiosks may be supplied as standard GRP units, or an enhanced version which may include our world renowned LPCB Security Ratings to levels of SR2, SR3 & SR4. In fact, Kingsley Plastics Ltd are the worlds ONLY approved manufacturer of LPCB Security Rated GRP Housings complete with Explosion Roofs.

Options include full electrical fit-outs, both acoustic & thermal insulation, explosion relief roofs & vents/cable entry points. Entry into each unit may be controlled by padlocks, keys or even ‘card’ entry according to each units security clearance level.

Pictured to the right are a few of the vast number of GRP Substations that Kingsley Plastics Ltd have installed on wind farm projects in Ireland, the Scottish Highlands & across Europe.


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