Arndale Shopping Center – Manchester

Date: June 2019
Industry: Fire Safety
Value: £120,000+

Upgrading the fire suppression systems at any public venue is vital, let alone one that had an incredible 41 million recorded visitors over the past 12 months alone. In the event of an emergency the centers owners needed to ensure the reliability of its integrated water sprinklers systems across the whole site, and in turn have chosen Kingsley Plastics Ltd as their sole project supplier of GRP Housings & Kiosks. Some units came complete with integral steel floors & others with dedicated ventilation requirements for mounting high up on the Arndale roof.

One part of the offering from Kingsley Plastics was the design, manufacture & ‘off-peak’ installation upon the roof of the main Arndale building, was the supply of GRP Sprinkler Housings enclosing not only the water tanks needed to supply pressurised water to the sprinklers mains, but also the full set of electrical control panels in a ‘bunded’ separate room within one of the housings.

Other units including smaller re-fresher tanks and other highly sensitive equipment for the safe running & optimisation of the whole Arndale sprinkler system. Kingsley were proud partners in this delicate project due to the nature of installation, the time of night of transportation and overall the timely installation of the project before the first early morning shoppers were seen very early the next day.


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