1 & 2 Hour Fire Rated GRP Housings

Fire Rated GRP Kiosks

2 Hour fire rated GRP kiosks and housings.

Kingsley Plastics have developed a range of GRP housings and GRP Kiosks that will withstand fire penetration in excess of 2 hours where required.

Fully tested for surface spread of flame and fire penetration to BS 476 parts 6, 7 and 12 plus in addition to BS476 Part 20 & 21 for 1 Hour

KPL are the only GRP Company within the UK to have tested and fully passed a 60-minute fire test. The test was done on a panel for load bearing structures such as walls of which are supporting such items as inherent GRP Roofs and other panels.

No other GRP Kiosk manufacturing company has achieved a certified approval for BS 476 Part 21 for load bearing structures as used in our Anti-Vandal construction. 

This confirms Kingsley's role as a lead company in GRP manufacturer.

BS 476 parts 21 & 22 tested  Fire tested grp kiosks

The fire properties of GRP panels have been constantly changing over the last 30 years of manufacture.

We have a close working relationship with the major manufacturers keeping Kingsley Plastics at the forefront of fire safe and fireproof GRP manufacture and installations.

We have long-term experience in the design, supply, and installation of firewalls and enclosures in all manner of buildings both within and outside of the Water, Rail, Telecom, Gas and Electrical industries.

Many different types of insulation can be provided to maintain the fire integrity of the walls and roofs.

We are happy to discuss all the possibilities with you during the design stage. 

Once your full specification/requirements have been established we will offer you fully detailed auto-cad drawings for your approval, prior to the manufacturing process starts.

Contact Kingsley Plastics call +44 01837 83154

Fire Protection GRP Housing Options

All of our fire protected GRP housings can include the following options:

  • Single and double entry fire proof doors
  • Integral non-slip floors
  • Vents, grills and access hatches/panels
  • Complete choice of external finishes
  • Full design, manufacture & installation packages
  • 30 minute, 60 minute and 120-minute options available

Please note:

When requesting fire rated GRP housings and panels, please tell us whether the wall/panel is for internal use (BS 476 Part 22) or external use, therefore, a load bearing structure (BS476 Part 21).

Certification to BS476 Part 22 is only tested with a 1mtr2 panel and is not designed to represent an external GRP housing wall supporting its own roof. 

BS476 Part 21 is a complete fire test for GRP Walls that will be supporting a roof or any other structure. 

The test itself is performed under 'stress' replicating the effects of a fire to an external GRP Housing wall under conditions that may include snow and rainfall loads, as well as other structures/persons weight being added to a load of each wall on fire.

We also supply these GRP products through our on-line shop

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Latest News

Framework Success:

June 2016:

Kingsley Plastics have been awarded a further 5 year framework agreement with both Wales & West Utilities and Northern Gas Networks for a range of GRP Industrial Gas Meter Cabinets.

Reinforcing Kingsley's role as the UK's No.1 choice for all gas meter cabinets/housings & now hold longterm framework agreements for well over 75% of the whole of the UK

Thames Water LPCB Framework Award:
October 2015

Kingsley Plastics are pleased to announce the award of a single source long term framework contract for LPCB Security Rated Products by Thames Water Plc:

New Premises:
June 2015:

Due to further increases in its order levels & frameworks having been awarded, Kingsley Plastics announce the addition of a further 22,000sq/ft manufacturing facility in Somerset....... 

Fortress GRP:
January 2015

Kingsley Plastics Ltd's sister company Fortress GRP newly updated website and participation at the Counter Terror Security exhibition in the London. Fortress GRP manufactures the worlds 1st Security rated Ballistic & Blast proof GRP Housings.           


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