Ballistic approval FB2-FB7 – Certificate No. 29/09/2014102941126

Patent granted 4th July 2018 – Patent No. GB2534197

Kingsley have achieved full independent certification of its products to offer complete ballistic protection against even the highest level of testing known today.

Ballistic Proof, Self-Healing Composite Panels to BSEN 1522/23 (1999) passing all requirements to threat level FB7 (no spall/splinters) Certificates upon request.

Kinsley’s patented self-healing ballistic products are exactly that, a brand-new invention offering self-healing properties to ballistic proofing of walls, doors & other necessary protection.

Each wall, building, housing or citadel can be supplied ready built or in flat-pack form and can stop not just one or two bullets within the same hole, but hundreds of bullets. This is achieved by a clever use of existing materials never before seen and even when numerous bullets are fired into the exact same location, not one bullet will pass through the material and in fact, it ‘self-heals’ itself in the process.

Capable of protection against smaller projectiles including FB2 right up to & such powerful ballistics of FB7 including 7.62 x 55mm FMJ/AP Nato rounds with non spall.

Blast Proof Enclosures

Kingsley’s sister company, Fortress GRP, undertook a range of blast testing upon its range of GRP Housings & enclosures and in turn, have become the world’s first GRP manufacturing company that can offer not only a LPCB security rated housing, but also one that has both Blast & Ballistic certification too.

In 2015 a number of blast tests were undertaking at a secret location in the North of England upon a MOD base. Kingsley designed & produced a GRP Housing that was submitted to a full 100kg TNT High Explosives blast test at only 15mtrs distance, something never before undertaken by a GRP Housing manufacturer.

Not only did the unit pass with flying colours but was the interest of every one of the invited audience that included representatives from the United States Department of Defence (US DoD), UK government, Israel Government, Europeans representatives and many many more. Full documentation can be supplied upon request.

Please view the full explosion video below.