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Blast & Ballistic


Fortress GRP manufacture a wide range of ballistic, physical entry & Blast proof Guard Houses & Sentry Boxes. Sizes range from as little as 1.5mtrs2 up to & including fully modular construction of in excess of 35mtrs in length x 15mtrs in depth.

Each unit can be supplied complete with air conditioning & toilet facilities if required, along with bullet/blast resistant glass & doors. Independently certified in 3 ballistic configurations of FB2 right up to & including FB7, 7.62 x 55mm FMJ munitions protection.

The AK47 is often the weapon of choice in hostile environments. However, it is important to mitigate the threat from all types of commonly used weapons, from handguns through to rifles and also automatic weapons. With this in mind Kingsley Plastics have designed, patented and passed independent testing to achieve full ballistic approval to BS EN 1522/23 for levels FB2 (9mm hand gun) right through to FB7 (AK47 Armour Piercing rounds) of 7.62 x 55mm bullets with no spall.

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Key Features


Each delivered unit provides ballistic protection in excess of BS EN1522/23 FB2 – FB7, Stanag Level 3, NIJ Level IV & EN1063.

Windows & doors may be supplied in clear, tinted or mirrored finish and options include all electrical wiring, sockets & power & communication systems, tables & chairs and fridges/toilets etc.

  • Patented awarded for the worlds ONLY self healing ballistic protection wall.
  • Ballistic protection FB2 to FB7 (7.62x51mm Nato FMJ/AP)
  • Increased protection to .50 Call SLAP munitions
  • Ready assembled sizes up to 15mtrs long x 4.5mts wide
  • Flat-pack sizes up to 35mtrs in length x 15mtrs in width
  • Physical security to LPCB security Ratings SR2, SR3 & SR4
  • Blast resistant tests to 100 kilos @ 15mtrs
  • Full electrical, communication, WC & office fittings included

Optional firing positions & ‘stand-off’ rooms

Other Options
  • Safe Room & Internal Escape Routes
  • Internal Walls & Partitions
  • LPCB LPS 1175 Security Ratings of SR2, SR3 & SR4
  • Single & Double Doors, Vents & Air-Con
  • Any Colour to RAL or BS4800 Ranges
  • Flat Packed or Ready Assembled Deliveries
  • Smooth, Anti Vandal Textured or Simulated Brick & Stone Finishes
  • Full Installation Packages Upon Request
  • Accommodation Blocks, Sentry Points or Partition Walls
  • Agents Sought – Please contact us by email