Accreditation, Approval and Certification

IGEM is a leading independent body, serving a wide range of gas professionals in the UK and International gas industry and we, at Kingsley Plastics are proud to be associated with this organisation.


During a recent meeting of Industry specialists including Energy & Utilities Alliance, formerly known as IGEM visiting the Kingsley Plastics Ltd stand during the conference. Topics discussed & products viewed included Kingsley preferred range of Gas Meter Cabinets plus Kingsley's industry leading range of GRP 'Walk-in' housings complete with our certified range of Explosion relief roofs.

ISO 9001:2008

Kingsley was one the first UK's GRP manufacturing companies to apply for and to fully achieve ISO 9001: 2000.

ISO 9001

The first approval was gained from Lloyds of London in September 1999 and to this day, has been NQA rubber stamped for approval every year since.

In order to view the actual certificate, please click on the link below;

ISO 9001 Certificate

UVDB Verify full approval

Verify Achilles Approval

Kingsley Plastics Ltd is proud to announce that it has again set new parameters for GRP Kiosk manufacturers within the UK.

Kingsley has once again been approved by the Achilles UVDB Verify Council for all of its design and installation projects. Subjected to a very rigid time & scoring detail KPL received full approval with relative ease.

Mark Manley KPL's Major Project's Manager stated 'Not only have we (KPL) been at the forefront of GRP Kiosk design & quality for many, many years, this now puts us another giant step ahead of our competitors regarding installations as well. All of our installation staff are CSCS registered with all projects being directly controlled on-site as well as within the office'.

Achilles UVDB: Supplier No. 70006

In line with the supply of GRP Kiosks, Odour Control Covers, Metal Kiosk, Packaged Wash-Water Systems and other GRP Products, Kingsley has been a member of the Achilles Database for over 10 years.


UVDBKingsley Plastics Ltd Supplier Numer 70006

In line with the years of approval with Achilles, Kingsley has recently again been awarded full Achilles Verify approval. As a company, we not only look to keep our prices extremely competitive but also ensure that our quality is at the forefront of industry standards and second to none!!!

Society of British Gas Industries

SBGI - Society of British Gas Industries

Kingsley Plastics Ltd has designed, manufactured and installed GRP Housings and GRP Cabinets for the Gas Industry for well over 30 years. Within this time span, Kingsley has also been an active member of the SBGI and today actively promote its standing within the industry.

As is usual by most industry standards, Kingsley Plastics were one of the very first GRP Companies to manufacture and achieve full explosion relief test approval for its Gas & Electricity housings.

Kingsley is, the first UK company to freely release and capture a video of its kiosk undergoing a full test and to produce the video for all to see.

Please click the link below to see the video:

Explosion Relief Video

Kiosk Lifting Certificates:

Lifting Certificate

Lifting Certificate

Other Certificates:

  • Achilles UVDB Certificate
  • Achilles Verify Certificate
  • CIS6 Tax Certificate
  • CSCS Certified
  • Company Registration
  • SBGI Certificate
  • IGEM Affiliation
  • LPCB Certification
  • LPCB 1175 Series 7 Certification

Client List

Southern Water, South West Water, Thames Water and United UtilitiesGRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP Cabinets GRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP CabinetsGRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP CabinetsGRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP CabinetsGRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP CabinetsGRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP CabinetsGRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, Meter Boxes, Roadside Cabinets, GRP Cabinets

GRP Products

GRP products brochure

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Latest News

Framework Success:

June 2016:

Kingsley Plastics have been awarded a further 5 year framework agreement with both Wales & West Utilities and Northern Gas Networks for a range of GRP Industrial Gas Meter Cabinets.

Reinforcing Kingsley's role as the UK's No.1 choice for all gas meter cabinets/housings & now hold longterm framework agreements for well over 75% of the whole of the UK

Thames Water LPCB Framework Award:
October 2015

Kingsley Plastics are pleased to announce the award of a single source long term framework contract for LPCB Security Rated Products by Thames Water Plc:

New Premises:
June 2015:

Due to further increases in its order levels & frameworks having been awarded, Kingsley Plastics announce the addition of a further 22,000sq/ft manufacturing facility in Somerset....... 

Fortress GRP:
January 2015

Kingsley Plastics Ltd's sister company Fortress GRP newly updated website and participation at the Counter Terror Security exhibition in the London. Fortress GRP manufactures the worlds 1st Security rated Ballistic & Blast proof GRP Housings.           


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